Elektrolyte Sport

Electrolytes, what's the benefit?

The body needs many components to function properly. These range from the main components such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins to vitamins, trace elements and minerals. However, one important group is often overlooked: Electrolytes.

Electrolytes are actually just a more detailed paraphrase for certain salts, the best known of which is probably table salt. It consists of sodium and chloride ions and thus forms the largest part of the existing salts. It is also the most common salt in our body and we consume it almost exclusively through our food.

But what about the other salts? A salt is actually just a composition of anions and cations, which is why there are so many different salts.

The most important ions that our body needs are potassium, calcium, sodium and chloride. Through a balanced diet, we usually consume enough salts so that the body is not restricted during normal exertion.

What happens during heavy exertion?

Through sweat, our body loses these important salts and minerals that it needs to function properly. The result can be muscle cramps, headaches and exhaustion. All obstacles we don't want to encounter when exercising.

At Everlyte we have focused exactly on this problem and have come to the decision that we want to bring an electrolyte drink to athletes in an isotonic and sugar-free way. The electrolyte powder is to be mixed with water as desired, so that the athlete can decide for himself how strong the drink should be and how much salt they need.

Electrolytes, despite their importance, are not considered by most athletes, even though they play a key role in many processes.

We can only give 100% when all the conditions are right; electrolytes are one of them!